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What the Kids Said

What the Kids Said

On May 26, 2004, the grown-ups who helped organize our year-long project came in to ask students about their experience of studying Park Street. Here's some of what they said . . .

Students entering ChadbourneMax: "I saw things I hadn't noticed before."

Sara: "Going on a cultural tour encourages you to ask questions."

Nikki: "You look for things when you're taking notes."

Mariah: "I started to blend my neighborhood with the Park Street neighborhood. . . . Looking at one street as cultural makes me see all streets as cultural."

Taking notes at Tropical Fish WorldTristan: "I learned a lot of culture."

Rosemary: "Park Street should get more respect-—it's not just the bad side of town."

Miracle: "We need to see Park Street for what is deeply inside."

Izzy: "It's a rich cultural area, seriously diverse. Before we went on this tour, Park Street was a black box of secrets. But after the cultural tour, I felt like a detective who just solved the mystery."

Teddy: "I wanted the tour to continue. I wondered, 'Why are we leaving?'"

Alexandra: "I felt like a whole new world had opened up for me."

A dancer shows off her colorful dress