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Neighborhood House

29 South Mills

Neighborhood House is a place where kids go mostly after school. . . . Kids come ages seven through nineteen which is first grade through high school. Mostly kids from nearby come but some kids who really like it and have been coming for years might live further away.

Some of the money needed comes from fundraisers like talent and variety shows for which they charge admission but most money comes from city grants.

The Neighborhood House is actually the oldest community enter in Madison and has been around since 1916.A thank-you card drawn by Miracle

. . . . Over all, I think Neighborhood House is a very nice community center because it helps kids and their families. You could just tell the kids enjoy it by the looks on their faces.

The art room has a lot of neat stuff, like paints, crayons, markers, and of course, paper. The people from every year make a newspaper about Neighborhood House. They are thinking of making a movie! 

I thought it was really fun going to the Neighborhood House. Maybe I’ll go there again.
–TeddyDrawing of a dodgeball game by Chou

Close to the end of our trip, we stopped to rest at Neighborhood House, a day care and after school get together place for low income kids. There is a big open gym with a huge mural on the wall with black and white boys and girls playing together. We played dodgeball with some of the kids in the gym. The kids have dinner sometimes at the neighborhood house, and they can eat wherever they want.

There is a game room where you can play foosball, pool, ping-pong, and other things. Also, in that room are some sofas, an armchair, and a TV. They said that apart from the gym, that it is the most popular room in the building. I liked the Neighborhood House. I hope that we do more studies on it.

School’s over
Time for Neighborhood Center
First a time for eating,
Now its time for