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Miracle's Home

[After finishing the interview at Yasmin’s Halal Meat Market] we went to walk to Miracle’s house. She’s a classmate in our class.

Entering her home we found so much art hanging on all the walls. . . . There was Chinese writing on the board they had. Miracle said her mom and dad teach her and her sister how to read and speak Chinese.

Mary (Miracle’s mother) gave us a wonderful Chinese snack, that I enjoyed. She gave us some sort of chips, oranges, and some sort of beans. . . . 

Mary, Miracle, and Miracle’s sister sang a song to us in Chinese. . . . Now as you all know we didn’t understand one single thing they had sang. It was beautiful the smooth way they sang. I just wished I knew what they were saying. . . . The way they sing, write, speak, I like everything. I wonder what it would be like to live like a Chinese American.