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Early Childhood Center

833 Hughes

Interviewing Joyce BoggessInterviewing Joyce BoggessThe Early Childhood Learning Center has been there for about twenty-three years. Joyce Boggess, before she managed the Early Childhood Learning Center, worked as a school nurse. The center has a series of celebrations and parties throughout the year. The first celebration they have is for Martin Luther King, Jr., and other black leaders that aren’t as well known. She says “If Rosa Parks hadn’t sat down, Martin wouldn’t have had a reason to stand up.” She said no one has ever vandalized or tried to break into the center because the neighbors tell people, “You don’t go near Ms. Joyce’s.” She says, “The neighborhood helps the neighborhood.”

Early Child Learning Center
Mrs. Joyce is what
The kids call her
Founded the Early Child Learning Center
She had 3 children
Adopted a boy 
In the yearly
Summer program
They made a quilt for all to enjoy

During Black History month they turn the main room into a kind of gallery by putting up photos of all kinds of African American political or spiritual leaders. During that month they tell each other what they know about that person and if nobody knows anything about thim or her then they research them.

Christmas at the Early Child Learning Center
Christmas is coming
That means
A party soon
A mom
Of a child 
Makes macaroni and cheese
Which is NOT
Out of a box
Mrs. Joyce
Is a vegetarian
Which means
No meat
At the party
That doesn’t mean
There is no good food