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Yee's Laundry

622 South Park Street

Packages of folded clothes at Yee's LaundryAt Yee's Laundry we saw many things, everything from packages of folded clothes to pressing machines. My favorite machine was the pressing machine. The pressing machine worked somewhat like this: you would button a shirt onto a flat dummy model, and then the shirt and dummy would roll into a tunnel, and the shirt would get smashed between two big hot boulders! Then the shirt would roll out, nicely ironed.

Clean shirts ready to be picked upIrons, shirts and pants, socks too.
Steam and detergent. 
A laundromat with culture, that's unique.

The machines are really hot, they never lose order of clothes. The machines are about eighty pounds, There is a washing area and the pipes are really hot. 

The entrance to Yee's LaundryThe owner of Yee's Laundry is Stella Wong. Yee's Laundry has been in business for fifty years [and] she has been working there for fifteen years. They wash and dry clean there. There are five different irons that dry the shirts.