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Park Street Shoe Repair

609 South Park Street

George Faban in the shoe repair shopWe met George Faban himself. His father came from Sicily, Italy, and he has been repairing shoes since he was ten. He works three days a week and in the days he has off he goes to see trials at court and reads. The hardest thing to repair is a high-heeled platformed knee-high plastic boot. It's hard because of the plastic and the new glues. 

First he put some polish on the shoe and thenA place to put a shoe for repairs he turned on an electric machine that made a circular brush turn around. Next he would press the shoe against it and the shoe would be polished. 
–Sara K.A machine inside the shoe repair shop

George joined the business in 1938. He got involved because his dad repaired shoes, boots and skates. He sharpens them too. 

A student poses with George Faban

When I walked into the shoe repair,
the scent of leather filled the air. 
Further in the shop, 
conversation made me listen and stop.
Before we left the store, 
George showed us the way he repairs seventy shoes or more. 
As I left for Park Street I waved to George, looked at the shoes on my feet
and knew again we'd meet. 
–Sam O.