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Sadie Pearson & Richard Davis Interviewed at Chadbourne Residential College

420 North Park Street

Sadie PearsonSadie has seven kids. Sadie was always embarrassed that she couldn't help her kids out with homework because she quit high school at fifteen. So she got a GED. Sadie Pearson went to school at M.A.T.C. [Madison Area Technical College] The University helped her with raising her family other than teaching her. Now Sadie is very very proud of herself.

She told us that now she was proud of herself because she had gotten an education and now she could help her grandkids with their homework. 
–Sara K.

Sadie Pearson is a strong woman, she skipped out of school when she was fifteen, bore the laughs of the kids when she came back, and she raised a very well-educated family. I think that is strong. 

Sadie raised her seven kids at the boys and girls club. Her kids made it to college and she was so happy. The drug dealers once came to the neighborhood and she called the police and they came and got them.

Richard Davis is famous worldwide as a musician. He lives a block off of Park Street. Richard Davis once taught music in Mr. Wagler's class. Mr. Wagler said that it was the best music class he ever had 

Mr. Wagler asked him if he had ever been somewhere with no race issue. Richard told us he had never been somewhere without a race issue and that he had traveled all over the world. 
–Sara K.

Richard David is a famous jazz musician. He is against racism and he lives right behind Octopus car wash. He eats lunch at the Curve [Diner] every morning at 7:30 and usually eats lunch at La Hacienda.