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Mercado Marimar

2102 South Park Street

Eating tamales inside the Mercado Marimar marketMexican food, American food, everything labeled in Spanish. A special room for making Latino dishes, an intriguing place for culture.

CDs, pastries, spices, fresh fruit, you would never imagine such a small store could sell so many different things.
–RosemaryFruits inside the market

They gave out tamales, a Latino food made out of corn husk outside and wrapped inside the corn husk is pork, red sauce, and corn, I believe.

Mmm... spicy, hot, delicious. Cheesy and peppery some with lots of spice and some with just a bit.
–AlexandraVegetables on display in the market

The best thing about it is that every section you walk in you smell and see something new. They even have different drinks than we do. They have huge fried sheets of something called chicharones that look a lot like over sized Chinese Shrimp Chips. They even sell different candy than we do. 
–MiracleInside the market

At Mercado Marimar the meat came in many different cuts, as did the cheese. They also had a lot of cool piñatas. 
–Sam O.

There was meat, cheese and nectars. Some of the nectars were flavored Mango, Guava, Guayaba and Tamarind just to name of few of the exotic ones. But the things that interested me most were the spices.

A culture waiting to be discovered
Just open this door
And you'll enter another side of the world.