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Ideal Body Shop

502 South Park Street

Car on a hydraulic lift At Ideal Body Shop I learned a lot,
How it started out as a blacksmith shop, 
With wooden sidewalks and a real dirt road, 
They fixed buggies that people rode. 
They made a new building and started fixing cars,
They're a really good business and deserve some stars. 
–Sam R.

Mr. Joe Dottl founded the Ideal Body Shop during the 1800s. The shop started as a blacksmith, then it fixed wagons, and now it repairs cars.
–TristanSherrif's car in the body shop

To work on a car he has to hook up an air power tool because the hydraulics are all run by air power.

At Ideal, we saw a Sheriff's car that had hit a deer the night before and was in the Body Shop for a mirror fix-up along with a front bumper repair. In the Body Shop most of the tools are air powered but some of them Student inside a car at the body shopare hand tools like hammers and some are gas/electric powered also. 

The Ideal Body Shop has a separate room to paint cars with. There is air coming down from the ceiling, so the paint goes down into a vent in the floor instead of sticking to everything. 

Ideal Body Shop signs