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Chadbourne Residential Hall

420 North Park Street

Inside a dorm roomChadbourne Hall isn't a regular Dorm where you just eat, sleep, and hold your stuff. It is a Residential Community, which means that they could have special classes after school at Chadbourne. 


There are no kitchens in the rooms, so the students all eat in a large cafeteria where you can choose what you would like to eat. They serve lunch dinner and breakfast in the cafeteria but many of the students keep a few non-perishable items in their rooms to snack on.
–ElenaIn the cafeteria

When the students eat they use their student ID cards for "Magic money." 

The cafeteria serves the students three meals a day. The students swipe their card that digitally stores money for their meals.

Eleven floors for eight hundred people
Seventy people on each floor
Tiny rooms the size of closets built for two
A home for many people for years.

The entrance to ChadbourneThe dorm is about 15 x 15 feet and has a lot of stuff cramped in it. They have a TV, a loaf of bread on a shelf, a computer with a printer, and a bunk bed with the bottom bed folding up into a sofa. One side of the room is one person's while the other half is one other's side of the "house."

When we walked into her dorm, I thought it was pretty small, but after a bit of looking around I thought all the really cool stuff made up for the size.

There are 800 students living there. The boys live A dorm roomon one floor and the girls live on another. Two people share a dorm and all their stuff has to be crammed into one small room. They have to walk up a bunch of steps to get to their dorms, for every class they go to they have to go to a different building and have a different teacher. They have classes at all random times of the week and day.