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Drive Through Bram's Addition with Robert Pierce

 Robert Pierce speaking on the busAt Mercado Marimar, we were joined by Robert Pierce, another long-time resident of South Madison. He grew up here, and when he was growing up, much of his neighborhood was a horse ranch. Penn Park was his playground, but it wasn't nearly as big as it is now. A lot of the neighborhood was a dump. And another large portion was swamp. But one thing hasn't changed: fishing in Wingra Creek. He loved fishing so much, that one time, instead of going to school, he spent almost half an hour trying to haul in a gigantic fish . . . I think I'll skip school someday to go fishing.


He organized the Farmer's Market this year. He told us his childhood stories. My favorite was one where Robert badly wanted to catch this fish one day in a creek before school. He kept on trying and forgot that he was late for school. Then the principal came out and got him to go to school.

Park Street was his playground. He used to play basketball. He collected greens out in the forest because everyone in the neighborhood was scared of snakes.Drawing of a girl frightened by a snake, by Anna

I love the story about the snakes. It was really funny.