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Eugene Parks

 Eugene Parks has lived in Madison his whole life. He was raised in the Park Street corridor. Eugene was born in a time of great discrimination against blacks. They had limited places they could go, meaning there were only certain places blacks could live.

Eugene told us, “Every neighborhood is special. Including all of yours. BecauseInterviewing Eugene ParksInterviewing Eugene Parks you and your family and friends live there and benefit the city. Everyone’s neighborhood is a great place to be. Everyone’s neighborhood has its disadvantages and advantages.”

The Park Street community has changed a lot in twenty years. Now there are stores run by African Americans, Latinos, Asians, and Caucasians.

When urban renewal came, he had to move with his family to an all-white community. It was hard but they helped integrate that community.

Eugene likes to read. He doesn’t need television to be entertained. He told us a saying, “The library is the temple of learning.”

“If you walk up and down Park Street you will find businesses run by all different kinds of people: Japanese, Latino, Chinese, Caucasian, Black, and European-American, and still many more. The Greenbush neighborhood has every different kind of culture you can imagine.”

Eugene Parks
The strongest, fiercest voice ever.
He says what he wants to say,
And whatever he wants to do with it.
So much power, he seems like
One of the greatest speakers I ever met
Park Street, his neighborhood . . . 
Perfect life of a real man. . . . 

The voice.
A voice.
The voice that draws you in.
The thought.
A thought.
Coming from within.
The talk.
A talk.
That you hear very day.
Eugene Parks,
We hear you.
We hear you