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The speaker is a 79-year-old White man with a college education from Crystal City, Texas; he was recorded in 1967.

County: Zavala
State: TX

Once home to a major World War II internment camp, and also the site of the founding of the Chicano Movement???s La Raza Unida party, Crystal City???s small size belies its historical significance. It is the county seat of Zavala County and has a present-day population of about 7,000. This area of southwest Texas is largely agricultural, home to a variety of plantings, including citrus trees and spinach. Crystal City, nicknamed the ???Spinach Capital of the World,??? has a statue of Popeye, the spinach-eating sailor, in its town square. In this segment the speaker talks about making homemade wine.
Inf: To make wine you, either grapes or agarita berries, or whatever you wanna make it out of, get you a keg, five-gallon, or ten-gallon, twenty. Put about three inches of clean straw. You wan-, get oak straw, but wash it first, put it in the bottom. Then just above the straw, put a hole in there with a little spicket on there, that???s to drain, drain the dregs off with, off the can. And get it all fixed. Put a layer of grapes or a layer of berries and then a layer of sugar, and on up to the top. Cover it up so a rat won???t fall in there or any flies. [Cough]

FW: What???s that straw for? [Inf: Huh?] What???s the straw for?

Inf: Uh, the straw is to uh, it kinda fill up and comes from I guess when you, when you draw it out, that???ll be solid, kinda solid and then there won???t be any wine down there, I guess, to leave in the barrel. That???s what that???s for [FW: I see]. And uh, put it in the barn, in a dark place. Better to put it in the barn so that if the preacher comes around, he won???t smell it. [Cough]

Inf: [Laughter] Okay, how long do you leave it out there?

Inf: Well, from six weeks to maybe two months. You slip out there on a clear day and then turn that spicket and taste it to see how it???s making. But when you put this in there, I forgot to tell you, always do it on a clear day. And when you are, and when you bottle your wine, do it on a clear day. If you don???t, your wine???ll be cloudy. If you make it on a clear day, it???ll be pretty and clear. Just hold it up in a bottle between you and the sun and it???ll just sparkle.

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