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The speaker is a 68-year-old White woman with a college education from Uvalde, Texas; she was recorded in 1967.

County: Uvalde
State: TX

Uvalde is about 85 miles west of San Antonio, near the Mexican border. With a current population close to 16,000, it is the county seat of Uvalde County. The area???s primary industries are ranching and agriculture, and the main crops are vegetables and pecans. In this segment the speaker talks about the Old Settlers Reunion she attended in Camp Wood, about 40 miles north of Uvalde.
Inf: Well you see uh, you start asking about the jigging. Uh, every summer, every August, Camp Wood and, for the last five years, has had um, an Old Settlers Reunion [FW: Mm-hmm]. It was to stimulate the interest in that uh, mission they???re trying to get rebuilt [FW: Hmm]. And they started this up, and now it???s just grown to be um, well it???s just um, a settled thing. They???re gonna have it. And I???ve been on the program committee ever since the first one.

And uh, so we decided we wanted to have some entertainment, and for the h-, king and queen, we got that up, too. And they didn???t have any idea what in the world to have. I said, ???Well, if it???s an old-timers business, why we???ve got to have an old-time king and a queen. And we won???t have just a queen, like Rocksprings does. We???ll honor the old man, too. So we???ll just get the oldest married m-, couple.??? Well, in order then, after they were crowned, why we had to have the um, performances for the king and queen. And so we just got up all kinda things, you know, to, for the king and uh, for their benefit while they???re sitting there with their little crowns on looking so funny. [Laughter]

Why then everybody performs for ???em. And uh, we uh, about thirty or forty minutes of it, I guess. And uh, then, after the performances, why they???re escorted off of the stage, and then they have the Old Fiddlers contest and the Young Fiddlers contest. And uh, I don???t. And yeah, and the square dance. Uh, well, the square dance [Aux Inf: Mm-hmm] is for the king and queen [Aux Inf: Yes, it???s???], but they did uh, let ???em square. So they had just dancing so bad, they wanted to dance so bad they got to dancing before their time.

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