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The speaker is a 58-year-old White woman with a college education from Vevay, Indiana; she was recorded in 1968.

County: Switzerland
State: IN

Vevay was founded in 1801 by a group of Swiss immigrants who settled with a vested interest in cultivating vineyards and producing wine. They established the first commercial winery in the United States and made wine that was highly regarded within the region. Located on the Kentucky border and the Ohio River, the small town with a population of less than 2,000 still holds an annual Swiss Wine Festival every August. In this segment the speaker talks about her family???s process for making homemade wine.
Inf: We were discussing wine making and the process that was used many years ago. My parents used to make wine with grapes that they had grown themselves in their own garden. And they would take the grapes and put ???em in a large jar, stone jar, that approximately held about a gallon or a gallon and a half, I assume. And they would fill it almost full. And they would put three cups of water and three cups of sugar. I can remember that distinctly. And then they would put, on top of that a plate that fitted exactly, this, the stone jar. And a stone. And they would leave it there for six weeks, in a cool place. Then after six weeks they would take the stone off and uh, take the wine and drain it through uh, a strainer, and then later through a gau-, piece of gauze. And, by that time they would put it back again, in jars, to set, until it settled. And then they would pour the wine off, and there were settlements [sic] in the bottom, and after that it was put in bottles, and it was really a delicious drink. It really was. I don???t know the contents of alcohol that was in it, but it was very delicious. And we made various kinds. There were wine made from uh, there was wine made, rather, from uh, uh, dandelion, grape, cherry, and uh, one time we tried a potato wine my father had heard about, and really and truly it was really good. It doesn???t sound that way, but it really was very good.

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