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The speaker is a 62-year-old White man with a high school education from Georgetown, Delaware; he was recorded in 1968.

County: Sussex
State: DE

Although southern Delaware was settled in the 1630s by Dutch colonists, Georgetown was not founded until 1791, when the Delaware General Assembly petitioned to centralize the location of the Sussex County seat. Georgetown is historically an agricultural community; tourism is also part of its local economy during the summer months, due to its close proximity to the Delaware beaches. In this segment the speaker talks about farming and preparing the ground for planting crops.
FW: Recently you said you???ve been working on your son???s farm. What have you been doing at this time of year?

INF: Two weeks ago we were plowing. Then we planted corn, and now he???s preparing his ground for his, uh, soybeans, which should be in within the next two weeks, and???

FW: How many acres is he planting?

INF: See, his, eighteen??? He has about thirty acres of corn and he???ll have, uh, somewhere about that number of soybeans.

FW: What kind of equipment do you have on the???

INF: Well, he has two tractors, corn planter, then he uses the corn planter to s-, plant soybeans, too. Uh, uses one for the both. And the disc and the drag, drag harrow they call it.

FW: Mm-hmm. How do you go about preparing the ground?

INF: Well, first it???s plowed.

FW: Mm-hmm. What kind of condition is the ground in, oh, after it???s been lying all winter? Is there grass and weeds on it, or is it pretty clear?

INF: Well, it, eh, there???s grass. Uh, last fall when he, uh, laid the corn by, laid his beans by, he planted his ryegrass and rye, and turned his cattle. The cattle had the run of the whole farm. And, uh, they picked up any scrap corn that was left in the field. And, uh, had the, ate this grass. But it was, uh, little rough, so before we plowed it, we disc it, sort of knock down the ridges. Then after it was plowed, it was disked and drug again before it was planted. And he now, his corn is uh, he???s just about over his first harrowing.

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