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The speaker is a 21-year-old White woman with a high school education from Orange City, Iowa; she was recorded in 1968.

County: Sioux
State: IA

Orange City, in northwestern Iowa, was named after William, Prince of Orange, who became king of the Netherlands; the community was settled by the Dutch in 1869, and in 1970 had a population of 3,500. One of its industries was a wooden shoe factory. It proudly celebrates its Dutch heritage with a tulip festival annually, the subject of this informant's excerpt.
Inf: I live in Orange City, Iowa, and I would like to tell you about the highlight of Orange City. In May of each year we have a tulip festival. This is a three-day event. A lot of preparation and planning goes into our tulip festival. We work on the festival before May, during the months of February, March, and April, so you can see there's a lot of planning that goes into our festival. The festival is usually held around the third weekend in May, and it's on a Thursday, Friday, and a Saturday. And we usually have around twenty-thousand people that come to see the festival each year.

FW: (whispered): Oh my gosh.

Inf: Each merchant in town tries to get all of his employees to wear costumes, and these are long dresses, aprons, wooden shoes with a number of pairs of socks, because the wooden shoes are hard on your feet. And also the Dutch caps. This consists of the costume. As many people wear costumes as we can because it makes the festival, you know, prettier. We have a street-scrubbing program, and this is all the people that are in costume, or most of the people, and the women scrub the streets, and men carry buckets of water, and they scrub the street for three blocks, and this is known as the parade route. They have to scrub it before the parade can go over the street. After the street-scrubbing, the parade starts. And there are about forty floats in th' parade, plus a number of bands. Saturday is the biggest day for bands. This past year we had about twenty-five bands on Saturday, from various towns, bring their bands over.

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