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The speaker is a 61-year-old White man with a high school education from Arrow Rock, Missouri; he was recorded in 1967.


County: Saline
State: MO

Located where the Santa Fe Trail crosses the Missouri River in central Missouri, Arrow Rock was first established in 1808 as a trading post, and as a town in 1829. By the mid-1800s, it was the most important river port in the county with a population of around 1,000, but today it's under 100. In this segment, the speaker tells the story of his uncle's dog with an unusual personality.
Inf: This dog was sent to him by a friend, he was a traveling salesman at the time, from a friend in Louisiana, Missouri. Shipped to him C.O.D. And he thought when the dog came in that uh, this friend was playing a prank on him, but he paid the C.O.D., and uh, took the dog to a trainer, south Sedalia. And he was there from six to nine months. And Uncle Sam would go out there to see this dog every once in a while, and uh, this fellow said he was the dumbest dog he ever saw. He couldn't teach him anything.

So my uncle decided to take him home, and eh, took him hunting one day. And he said to Jim, "I believe there's a bunch of birds down to those oak trees." Well Jim just made a beeline to the oak tree. And the next thing was a cornfield. Well he went to the cornfield. And he found out that the dog knew everything that uh, he was talking about. And Jim could uh, answer any questions he was ever asked. I never saw him fail on any of 'em. Work in any language, but they had to write this question on a piece of paper. He would make the dog come up and sit down. Sit down right beside him. He'd hold the paper down in front of him and tell the dog to go do what was on that paper. Never saw him fail on anything.

He could work in any language, take a message off a telegraph. I don't suppose that lady thinks she can get in. And uh, he could pick out the sex of children, kittens, animals of any kind, the birth uh, the sex before they were born, whether there was one male or two males or three females out of five uh, animals, and I never saw him fail on any of 'em. Pick out the winner of a horse race, presidential election.

And uh, Sam traveled quite a bit, and he was a great fisherman. And he would take this dog with him on all his trips. He laid up in the back. He had a coupe with the back, you know, behind there. And this dog always was in the back of that. And he would take him in the finest hotels, all over the United States. He would go up to the hotel and they would say, "Well, no dogs are allowed in here." Well he'd ask Jim a few questions, and the uh, hotel man would say, "Take the dog on up to the room with you. He's too valuable for us."

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