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The speaker is a 78-year-old White woman with a college education from Burlington, Wisconsin; she was recorded in 1968.

County: Racine
State: WI

Located on the White and Fox Rivers in southeastern Wisconsin, Burlington was ideally situated to develop a saw mill and a grist mill, the latter supplying flour to nearby Milwaukee, Racine, and Kenosha. The raising of sheep by local farmers also stimulated the establishment of woollen mills. But Burlington's recent claim to fame stems not from its industries but from being the headquarters of the "Liars' Club," with its annual contest for the best "whopper." The speaker tells no lies, but instead reminisces about her life in the city.
Inf: We bought my mother's home, the one in which my sisters and I had all been born. It was a wonderful place to bring up our family. A rather commodious white colonial house on a hilltop, with much room for garden, fruit trees, and, and fruit bushes, quantities of other trees, room for football, baseball, croquet, a tennis court, in the winter, a flooded sp- place in the back yard for skating, and always in the winter, a fine place for coasting in the front yard. Each summer, there was camping at nearby Brown's Lake in our family cottages. Eight years ago this fall, we started a new chapter in our lives, selling the big place and moving into a brand new modern ranch-time. . . ranch-type home. We have enjoyed the convenience of this, even though for the last four years I have been alone, with many happy memories. My sons' families, most of them, are nearby. I have seven grandchildren, two great-grandchildren. Several of the grandchildren are now in college and universities. My life is not at all humdrum for I have numerous outside activities and interests and considerable in my own home at my desk.

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