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The speaker is a 57-year-old White woman with a grade school education from Mount Vernon, Indiana. She was recorded in 1968.

County: Posey
State: IN

The southernmost city in Indiana, Mount Vernon is located on the Ohio River and is the county seat of Posey County. The town was originally named McFadden???s Landing after its founder, an Irish trader. The surrounding areas were largely agricultural, and Mount Vernon served as a trading center for area growers. In this segment the speaker talks about the tractors that she and her husband used on their farm.
Inf: Well, when I left there, married and came to this place, I still, we were living on the farm, and helped my husband work in the field, drove, when we farmed with teams, till he, uh, and, he had tractor, had Fordson tractor, that was something you haven???t heard of, or (xx).

FW: Mister, uh, _____ had told me that was the first one he had, too. When did you get your first one?

Inf: Well, uh, Arnold had a Fordson tractor before we were married, but then, then they, um, oh, it was along in the thirties? La-, late thirties he got a John Deere tractor, and, uh, drove that, and, we used that one, it was on steel wheels, steel lugs on the wheels, until uh, he finally had to put on, had rubber tires put on it. We used that one ???til it wore out. We traded it in on uh, uh, Massey Ferguson, or Massey-Harris, it was at that time. I didn???t drive that one very much. ???Cause that, we got that one just a few years before we quit farming. But the old John Deere, I, I drove that in the field a lot, wobbled around over some of the clods, where we plowed it, plowed the ground with.

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