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The speaker is a 53-year-old White man with a high school education from Marshall, Indiana; he was recorded in 1968.

County: Parke
State: IN

Located in a rural area of west central Indiana known for its covered bridges, Marshall is a small town near the Illinois border whose current population is less than 400. In this segment the speaker talks about his friends??? cows and the shift in the local dairy industry.
Inf: Well Gold _____, he used to milk Holsteins and Walt _____, he, he had a herd of Jerseys. Little Tennessee Jerseys. And they???s over at a big dinner and they???s talking about how, it was Gold telling about how much milk his Holsteins???d give, you know. By golly, they???d give about four gallon a, a milking, some of ???em, he tell ???em about, you know. Well, Walt says that???s all right but he says you could throw a dime in all that milk and read the date on it. [Laughter] He???d bragging off his Jersey, tell him I said you could flip a dime on a gallon crock of his and the dime???d never go through the cream, you know. Yeah, Gold says heck, he wouldn???t get a quart from one of ???em, but all cream, you know.

And one time we go and make ice cream and this bunch of us, I don???t know, just had a gallon freezer. Only made that full to couple times and run out of milk. And Walt says, ???Go over to my place and get some of that Jersey milk, get some good milk and make some ice cream.??? All right, over they went, and I was just a little boy. And, by golly they took a knife and run around them there gallon crocks, they setting in a milk trough, in a springhouse, and cut that there cream loose from them there gallon crocks and they just picked her up there with a big spoon and plopped her in there and then they got about a gallon of that cream and come back and made a batch of ice cream out of that. And it was so rich, it???d stick on your teeth. It just about churned into butter when they stir that with a freezer, you know. Man that was the richest ice cream I ever eat in my life. [Laughter] That???s been a long time ago, since we made that ice cream. They hain???t nobody milks cows much around here. No.

When I moved here, I moved a hundred head of hogs and thirty head of cattle on this place. And I ain???t got a hoof of nothing now. Don???t want none. Too much trouble to monkey with ???em.

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