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The speaker is a 47-year-old White man with a college education from Mauriceville, Texas; he was recorded in 1967.

County: Orange
State: TX

Mauriceville, located in Orange County on the Gulf Coast of Texas, has a current population of around 3,000. Its major industries are oil refineries, shrimping, paper mills, and rice farming. In this segment the speaker describes methods of preparing rice fields for planting.
Inf: Well uh, first you start out by uh, plowing your land and preparing it. And uh, ???course in uh, preparation of uh, land now uh, there are other things besides plowing to be considered. If uh, it should be land-leveled. And uh, then you???ve got uh, two different kinds of uh, leveling that???s used in this area in rice farming. You got your dry land-leveling, and what we call water leveling.

And there, there are two different methods to, to level a-, the hills and the high spots where rice can???t be grown. In other words, you can???t grow rice on top of a hill. So that???s uh, it???s not only plowing nowadays. It???s preparing the land by leveling it and plowing it. And usually you prepare your land and disc it down and build your terraces ahead of time, or your levees ahead of time [FW: Mm-hmm], before you???re, if you???re gonna farm a piece of ground, well you, you prepare ???em and uh, first you land-level. Plow and land-level [FW: (xx)] and run what you call a land plane all over the thing. That???s the la-, the purpose of the land plane is to level the land. The land plane is nothing else but just fills the low places and cuts the high places off and pushes the dirt in the low places [FW: Mm-hmm].

And after you run your land plane over there, then you re-survey your levees. And uh, most of uh, the levees in rice fields are run on two-tenths. And uh, in other words from your top area there, you run your terrace down two-tenths and then just drop it on down two-tenths on through your field.

And it???s the usual practice, when you first start out to going and build your terraces, then when you go back over again, that???s to keep the, so you already have ???em marked, so you know where to put ???em, you know, when you get ready to plant your rice. But you go and prepare the uh, uh, that???s usually called summer plowing, and summer leveling. You try to do that in the summer.

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