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The speaker is a 72-year-old White man with a grade school education from Roundup, Montana; he was recorded in 1966.

County: Musselshell
State: MT

The city of Roundup was originally, as its name implies, a gathering place for cattle herds that grazed in the surrounding valley. It was known as a ???cow town??? until homesteaders fenced most of the land at the turn of the twentieth century. Coal mining has also been important to the economy of this area, and the Silver Lake Mine is still active. Roundup has a present-day population of approximately 1,800 and is the county seat of Musselshell County. In this segment the speaker tells stories about hairstyles and clothing from his boyhood.
Inf: Well, he want me to tell him when I first started school, I suppose [Aux Inf: Oh], one thing or another. Boy, I sure long-haired kid there at that time. And the old man, he???d comb my hair down through the middle and put a curl down acrost on each side, you know. And I sure hated that curly hair. Hated it long. And I???d bawl like the dickens.

Aux Inf: I had curls, too.

Inf: And hear me all, hear me all over there. And uh, well I got along pretty good for a while, I guess. And the-, any time tha- the river???s up, why we???d have to go around down by marshes down there to come back up on the other side. Remember I used to ride an old sorrel mare, called her Betsy. And biggest part of the time we???d come by them mudholes, why she???d always shy and dump us off in the mudholes. We had quite a time [Aux Inf: Yes, we did]. That was first school I ever went to. And then after that why, got along pretty good with (xx) and then when we got closer to town, we didn???t have as far to go.

FW: Well, were you living in town then?

Inf: No. No, we living on the ranch then. You know it???s hard for me to tell anything like that. [Aux Inf: Laughter] I can???t talk to that thing.

Aux Inf: All right, uh huh, we???s talking.

Inf: Uh, maybe it???s, had a new sch- [Aux Inf: (xx soon)], had a new schoolhouse built over there, you know. I mean was more kids a-going. And they must be thirty, forty kids, you know, just one schoolhouse, one whole community like that. Well, pretty soon my, some folk cut my hair off so I wouldn???t look quite so bad. And I got by better. And another thing, I wouldn???t wear them knee pants in days there. Mother had to make my pants for me. I wouldn???t wear ???em. So she???d make these overalls and the old man, he???d make me suspenders, you know, out of all these old harness lines. And they was good and stout and they held.

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