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The speaker is a 68-year-old White man with a grade school education from Muscatine, Iowa; he was recorded in 1968.

County: Muscatine
State: IA

Thirty miles west of Davenport on the Mississippi River, Muscatine, Iowa, started its existence with gristmills in the 1830's, then discovered its potential as a lumber processing center and a stopping place on the river. In the 1890's it became a center for the pearl button industry, using fresh water mussel shells from nearby streams and tributaries; this was an industry that employed 50% of the work force for about a decade. The town is also known for its farming. The speaker does not mention the River, but talks about his hobby and long-time interest in horses.
Inf: Well, when it comes to horses, you take when I was younger, that was practically all you had, transportation or anything. And I always, more or less, was a lover of animals, of all kinds. And when I was young, even going to grade school, I had my own horse and would drive cattle for others. For the big sum of one dollar (laughing). And get up and uh, way before daylight in the morning, an' move the cattle an' be back to school by the time school took up every morning [?]. Of course, then as years went on and my condition changed, why, I got to where I couldn't keep one and couldn't afford one, an' as years went on and my granddaughter started growing up, why, I was always interested, so I started to get her interested in horses. And started her on the road to horse shows. So the first horse I bought her, why, she couldn't get along with it, so I took it, kept it and showed 'em what I could do with it. And got her another one, and as these kids came that I would provide these horses for, why I'd be getting 'em better animals that time. And then my second granddaughter came on an' now I devote my time to ponies with her.

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