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The speaker is an 18-year-old White man with a high school education from Villisca, Iowa; he was recorded in 1968.

County: Montgomery
State: IA

Villisca is a small farming community in southwestern Iowa. The informant is relating an experience which occurred when he was in the hospital in Omaha, about 60 miles from Villisca, in a manner typical of young speakers.
Inf: Morris had a lot going for him. And this uh, he could feed himself, even though his eyes were covered. And it was just beautiful. One day, got this one nurse's aide in there. And she was bound and determined to feed him. She said, "That's my job and that's what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna feed him." Morris didn't want--, he was kinda bitching about it. So old uh, one of the orderlies, name was Pat something or other, he saw that Morris was in trouble so he come up and told this aide that uh there's a lady in a couple rooms down the hall that needed the, somebody to feed her. So this lady, this nurse's aide, went down there to take care of it.

Little while later after dinner, Morris was telling us, says, "Boy, I sure can thank Pat for one thing. He got that old bag that was trying to feed me outta there." And I just burst out laughing like anything. And Morris kinda wondered what was going on. And I said, "Say Morris, you know who was carrying Harry's tray outta here when you were telling us that beautiful story?" Sure enough, it was his girlfriend, the nurse that was supposed to feed him.

And that wasn't all of it, actually. When uh, Morris had been saying this since that nurse carried the tray out so she heard all of it, Terry wasn't in the room. Little while later, Terry came back an' Morris started to tell Terry that story. And just as he told that story, she was just standing outside the door, and we all got another big laugh outta that. We kinda thought maybe it wasn't Morris's day. But uh, this, he said he didn't care what he said about that nurse 'cause she always said what she thought. She said the only good man was her, was her son. I kinda wondered how she ever got her son if that's the way she felt about it.

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