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The speaker is a 53-year-old White man with a college education from Brady, Texas; he was recorded in 1970.

County: McCulloch
State: TX

Brady is referred to as the true ???Heart of Texas,??? since it???s the closest city to the geographical center of the state. The area???s economy is largely based on agriculture and ranching. Brady has a population today of close to 6,000. In this segment the speaker talks about why he prefers to live in a small town rather than a big city.
Inf: Uh but uh, we are fortunate. Uh we, we are right now, as you have probably heard uh, we???re getting ready to build us a new hospital, which [FW: Yeah] uh, we need desperately. And uh, we uh, we think that we are progressive community, and uh, of course as I told you, I do not make my living in Brady. I make my living from Albuquerque to Memphis, but I live here because I feel uh, it is a good little community. Uh, it???s a good place to raise your children.

Uh, we uh, we???re re-, we???re, uh, uh, a conservative uh, part of the country over here. And actually I should be living in Dallas because it???s the center of my territory. But I prefer Brady. I was raised here. And uh, I think it???s a, a real fine little town to raise your, your family in. And that???s why I live here. Um, ???course uh, I may be a little prejudiced but uh, I, I was raised in this community and we have good schools, good churches, and I think it???s just a, an excellent little community.

We have um, uh, the best uh, deer hunting in, in, in the country, right, right here. As a matter of fact, my deer lease is only fifteen minutes away from here. We have uh, a fine nine-hole golf course, the finest greens in the country, uh, good fairway. We recently watered our fairways. And um, got a, built us a little lake out here, the Brady Lake. Uh, good fishing out there. So all in all, I think this is a fine, wholesome community. And I live here by choice uh, because as I say, I should be living in Dallas, but I???m a country boy. I work in the city, and uh, live in the country.

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