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The speaker is a 68-year-old White woman with a high school education from Marysville, Kansas; she was recorded in 1968.

County: Marshall
State: KS

Marysville, Kansas, is located in the northeastern corner of the state near the Nebraska border, with a current population of around 3,000. Built in the 1850s because of its location near a good crossing point in the nearby Big Blue River, it was the ideal location for a trading post and a ferry. It was the first Pony Express station in Kansas as well as the first Post Office west of Missouri.
Inf: I want to talk about Marysville, Kansas, today. It's uh, has a population about four thousand two hundred, and we have uh, a nice new high school and two grade schools, one Catholic school, also a nice swimming pool, a Sears uh, store and a Ward's store, also Penney's store, and lots of home-owned stores. Highway 77 and 36 meet here and we have about eight different churches of all denominations. The Big Blue River is on the west side fr-, and we have uh, also four good restaurants. School started this morning at August the twenty-eighth with about twenty buses going out pick up the children, clear up to the Nebraska state line which is about 'leven miles from here. We're also a hunderd and sixty miles from Kansas City, Missouri, and that's about all I can say about uh, Marysville. It's a good town to be in and I've lived here all my life. Is that enough?

I'm a widow. I have been a widow for six years. I have nine children, thirty-seven grandchildren, eight great-grandchildren, and I live in a three-room apartment. I lived on the farm most of my life and after my husband passed away, I uh, moved to town and I uh, got this job sitting at the city lounge which I enjoy very much. On one day we had uh, two hundred and seventeen uh, customers in here, or, uh, people stopping in to use the restroom and wait, uh, wait, set at the lounge. And uh, I don't know, that's about the, the size of it I guess.

I go ever-, July the first I take a trip. I went out to Las Vegas for two weeks where my sister, Mrs. _____, lives. And then I went out to California. And I go out to Denver. My, my daughter, Mrs. uh _____, lives, and I have four children in Kansas City, one in Beatrice, Nebraska, and one in Wamego. And my grandson _____ spent the last four weeks with me and his folks came, came after him last uh, Sunday and I got a letter from 'em this morning. They got home okay and the children started to school.

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