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The speaker is a 65-year-old White woman with a grade school education from Mentone, Texas; she was recorded in 1969.

County: Loving
State: TX

The only community in Loving County, Mentone has a current population of 19. Near the New Mexico border and east of El Paso, the area was once home to the Jumano Indians, and later the Apache. In this segment the speaker talks about objects she collects, such as arrowheads and knives (most likely left behind by the hunter-gatherer Apache), bottles, and agates.
Inf: Well we uh, started to collecting um, Indian artifacts in nineteen and thirty-four. We came to west Texas and it was kind of a lonesome place, and so we just started to collecting Indian artifacts. And uh, we have, I guess, one of the best collections in west Texas. And um, ???course when we got tired of that, we started collecting bottles. We have a wonderful collection of purple bottles and just all kinds of old bottles. And we???ve collected agate. And have made, you know, stones. You know, you have to have a saw for that to [FW: Mm-hmm] saw your stones and polish ???em. And uh, I guess maybe we have, oh, ten thousand arrowheads [FW: Ten thousand, hmm] or more. And uh, I couldn???t tell you how many bottles. FW: Were, were the arrowheads all found around here? Inf: Well, most of ???em were found in Loving County. FW: And how do you find them? How??? Inf: Well, ???course the Indians lived in the sand hills [FW: Hmm]. And we just go out in the sand hills and, and just walk. And, but uh, best knives that we???ve found, we found over here in Reeves County, just across the river. And that is the corner-tang knife which they say a collector will, would-, may look a lifetime and find one, and we found nine.

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