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The speaker is a 61-year-old White woman with a high school education from Hanover, Indiana; she was recorded in 1968.

County: Jefferson
State: IN

Located near the Kentucky border and on the Ohio River, Hanover is a small town with a current population of 3,000. It is the home of Hanover College, the oldest private college in Indiana, which was founded by Presbyterians in 1827 and originally served as a manual labor academy. In this segment the speaker talks about her fondness for quilt making.
Inf: Well, I really enjoy making quilts. I guess I???ve been piecing ???em since I was ten or twelve years old. And I still am. And um, I have uh, six granddaughters and three grand-, two grandsons. I make uh, I???m making um, necktie quilts for the grandsons, the two grandsons, and I have one great-grandson now. And uh, I hope that all my grandchildren will enjoy the quilts I???ve made. I???ve already given my two daughters several. And um, I do do some quilting, and hope to again this winter. I do enjoy going visiting ladies that are interested in quilting. Take my cut pieces and piece blocks for ???em, visiting with them.

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