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The speaker is a 56-year-old White woman with a high school education from Big Spring, Texas; she was recorded in 1970.

County: Howard
State: TX

Big Spring, the county seat of Howard County, is 100 miles south of Lubbock in western Texas. Early settlement was due to buffalo hunters, and the town eventually grew as new settlers arrived via the railroad. Ranching and the railroad formed a large part of the town???s economy in the late 1800s, and Big Spring was known for its many saloons and gambling dens. Oil was discovered in the 1920s. The city remains involved in agribusiness and the petrochemical industries and has a current population of 25,000. In this segment the speaker talks about her family???s life in Texas.
Inf: My family, my mother???s family came here with the bringing in of the Tempe Railroad, in about 1890. Her father and his brothers had been uh, employed in various jobs in Pennsylvania and several of them came out with the railroad, came to Fort Worth, Texas, and then came on, followed the railroad as they brought it further west.

My grandfather came out and worked on the uh, as a fireman. And they moved here and then later went to El Paso, and then came back here and settled. And uh, we had uh, our town was made around the big spring. ???Course it furnished water for the railroad. And uh, one of the uh, outstanding jobs outside of the railroad at that time was uh, buffalo skinning. They sold the hides and there was a, it was most picturesque town, I???m sure, remembering stories my grandmother told me about how the cowboys would come in from the ranches. And uh, on Saturday, the, ???course the highlight of their Saturday???s activity was going to the saloon. And they???d ride through the town and knock down her clothesline and turn over her wash- [FW: Mmph], uh???what do they call it, that they boil the clothes in???anyway. They were a rowdy bunch of people, but a good bunch of people. And my grandfather uh, bought some acreage out from town and uh, farmed it as a hobby, and uh, became president of one of the banks here, after he had retired from the railroad.

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