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The speaker is a 60-year-old White man with a college education from Hillsdale, Michigan; he was recorded in 1970.

County: Hillsdale
State: MI

Located in south central Michigan, just a few miles from Indiana and Ohio, Hillsdale has a population of over 8,000 residents, is county seat, and is home to Hillsdale College, noted for its spirit of independence. (It admitted Black students from its inception in 1844 and women shortly thereafter.) The speaker is relating the route of a trip he and friends took, flying their own plane.
FW: Now you told me that you recently made a kind of an extraordinary trip to thirteen countries in fourteen days. Could you tell me about that?

Inf: Yes, we uh, three of us, uh, for two years have been planning on this trip. I have uh, my hobby for years has been uh flying. I, I love to fly. Uh, a small airplane, or aircraft. And uh, uh two other friends who were also interested in flying uh made up the party of three that went on this trip. We uh, we had this single-engine airplane, uh called a Cessna Skyliner 182, and uh we made a very careful schedule. We had two weeks to spend and, and we scheduled our time. We realized that it involved about a little better than eight thousand miles of travel, so we knew that two weeks, we'd have to average six hundred miles a day.

And we left here on a Saturday morning and uh the first day we made Fort Lauderdale. Stayed overnight there. Uh we had uh, dinner that night with uh, some friends from Hillsdale who have a big yacht that they went around in Florida, lovely dinner there. Then the next day we, we uh went across the Bahamas. Uh, across Bimini, across uh Nassau and across Andros Island, to uh South Caicos Island where we refueled. And then from there we went to uh San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Well then uh those two days we'd averaged about twelve hundred miles a day, so obviously we'd made up some time that we didn't uh -- , other days we wouldn't have to fly so, so many hours. The next day we uh went to one of the Virgin Islands where we visited some friends who have a hideaway there in one of the islands, that used to live here in Hillsdale. Uh, the day following that we went to Martinique and stayed a day and a night there. Martinique, you may know, is a French, a French island. And the people there all speak French. We were very amused and amazed uh, to see uh there were just droves of small automobiles and not an American car in the bunch. Every uh, with one exception. We saw one Mustang. All the rest 'em were uh Peugeots, Volkswagen, uh Mercedes, uh German, English, and uh, and French cars, and no American cars, which seemed very odd.

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