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The speaker is a 55-year-old White woman with a college education from Corydon, Indiana; she was recorded in 1968.

County: Harrison
State: IN

The site of the only Civil War battle fought in Indiana, a former state capital, and the current county seat of Harrison County, Corydon is a small town with a present-day population of around 3,000. Located south of Indianapolis and west of Louisville, Kentucky, the town was once a hub of commerce, with industries such as dairy, wagon works, and glass factories. The town square, referenced in the following segment, remains a historic marker that is well known regionally. In this segment the speaker talks about one of the town???s Christmas traditions.
Inf: Well yes, uh, just before time for Christmas, the uh, parents and children all get excited, especially the children who drag their parents in to the county seat. And Santa Claus comes in, uh, well not with reindeer, but uh, in a jeep or some uh, modern way that a Santa Claus would come. And there???s a little house built on the uh, public square for him to stay in for a, a week before Christmas. He has a collection of um, peppermint sticks and uh, various things to give to children. They come around to him and sit on his knee and tell him, tell him what they want for Christmas. And then he???ll give ???em some candy, send ???em off to their parents. The big problem around town always is uh, who is this Santa Claus anyway? It???s some local person and we???d just like to know who it is. So the little kids will tug a little bit on his beard and, and he???ll hold it on tight so it won???t come off. And then um, uh, they???ll go back to their parents and say, ???No, Mommy. That was real Santa Claus.??? And the mom will say, ???Yes, I expect it was.??? But uh, it???s always a great time for the kids, even in this day of millions of Santa Claus all over the United States. But when he first comes in however, the crowd is usually just uh, overflowing around the public square. It???s a great day.

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