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The speaker is a 72-year-old White woman with a college education from Grundy Center, Iowa; she was recorded in 1967.

County: Grundy
State: IA

Grundy Center is a small town in farm country in central Iowa, southwest of Waterloo. The speaker lived on a farm, so had an excellent opportunity to observe birds in their habitats in fields, prairies, and around farmsteads.
Inf: Then uh, I have another hobby, of bird watching. And uh, I spend quite a bit of time at that. And the one reason I do so is, it takes me outdoors with a purpose. And uh, I can walk the roads and the railroad tracks and uh, I cannot uh, I could have had the hobby of plants and trees and shrubs, but I am allergic to poison ivy and some of those things which necessitated a change there. And uh in this uh bird business, I talk to a lot of, of m-, of groups, uh boys scouts, girl scouts, cub scouts, brownies, and adults. But uh, I've helped many a youngster get his badge for birds by taking him along with me. And I don't, when I help them get those badges and work with 'em, I would rather they learn to identify the birds that they can uh see with their naked eye and not have to use binoculars. I think they are too young when they're earning those badges to get into the real detailed work of using binoculars.

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