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The speaker is a 50-year-old White woman with a high school education from Springfield, Missouri; she was recorded in 1969.


County: Greene
State: MO

Springfield, Missouri, is located in the southwest portion of the state and boasts a mid-size population of about 150,000. After the state's Native American population was sent to reservations in the late nineteenth century, Springfield grew rapidly due to westward expansion coupled with the development of railroads. The first famous Old West, quick-draw-style duel took place in the town square between Wild Bill Hickok and Davis Tutt, Jr. in 1865. In this segment, the speaker talks about theft and her concern over a recent robbery.
Inf: Someone broke into her house soon after his death [FW: Oh], and she was out here. And she used to carry everything, when I used to manage a store, I'd take to the night depository. I never carried a cent of the store [FW: No, no] money on me. But uh, she would take home a lot of money. And this was someone that knew she carried [FW:Yeah, yeah] a lot of money. Well she was out here a week-. And they mi-, they were either after that or it was just before deer hunting season, and they wanted Kenny's guns.

FW: Did they get anything?

Inf: No. The guns had just uh, she'd just given to her brother-in-law. She gave Danny one of 'em. And uh, the others her brother-in-law had taken to [FW: Mm-hmm] uh, sell.

FW: And the money she (xx)???

Inf: Uh, the money she had on her out here.

FW: Yeah, yeah. Yeah, it's uh, rumor gets around. That's the most dangerous, that's what causes it.

Inf: She took out insurance [FW: Uh-huh] then right after that, to cover her [FW: Uh-huh], wherever she was [FW: Yeah]. Whatever amount of money she had on her. So, uh, that's what night depositories are for, though. I don't [FW: Yeah, yeah] risk my life for [FW: It's not worth it]. Glen, someone paid him with four one-hundred-dollar bills the other day, and I said, "Let me have that. I'm going to the bank." And he kept one and we were going to the lake the next day, and I said, "Please don't carry that one-hundred-dollar bill on you. Your wallet could work out of your pocket and into the lake," and- [FW: Yeah], or people have gotten knocked over the head for five or ten [FW: Yeah]. And, but he said, "I'm going by the gas company." We had given them a hundred-dollar check and they lost it. And we stopped payment on it. And we kept waiting to hear whether they'd located it or not, and they hadn't, so he just took the hundred dollars by the gas company out here and gave it to them.

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