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The speaker is a 60-year-old White man with a grade school education from Fredericksburg, Texas; he was recorded in 1968.

County: Gillespie
State: TX

Originally founded as a German immigrant settlement, Fredericksburg has a current population of around 10,000. German was spoken as the community???s main language into the early twentieth century, when English speakers started to integrate themselves into the town???s growing workforce. In this segment the speaker talks about his days playing baseball in the major leagues, referencing several baseball greats, including Ted Williams, known as one of the most prolific hitters in baseball???s history.
Inf: Well it, uh the big league, I???d say Babe Ruth was up there. He was a outstanding star. And in the minor league was old George Washington. He was about the-, I???d say the best hitter I ever saw in the baseball b-, although he didn???t, he was a country boy, and like you always say, you can take the boy out of the country, but you can???t take the country out of a boy. And he, he was supposed to report to the White Sox. It was just shortly after I-, uh, uh, n-no, before I went up there. He wouldn???t go. Said they???d hunted him down and after three days, eh, looking for him, they found him down on the lake, fishing.

FW: Uh, did you play with Cy Young or any of those, or those, I don???t know a thing??? Inf: No, no, Cy Young, he, he was from the, oh, from the eight-, the late eighteen hundreds.

FW: Oh was it that long???

Inf: He was before 1900, Cy Young. That???s right. In my days there was uh, well, Dizzy Dean, and uh Jimmie Foxx, Lou Gehrig, and of course, (I knew) Enos Slaughter or (Kundis Slaughter) and Ted Williams. That Ted Williams, he was a screwball character.

FW: You ever pitch to him?

Inf: Oh, yes. Pitched to him two years up in the American Association. He was in Minn???apolis and I was from Minn-Saint Paul. I probably have some write-ups at home. He was uh, I tell you, he was almost a, an established star when, when he was only eighteen years old. He could do anything. He could???ve, he could???ve made a outstanding or a winning pitcher in the big league. Oh, he could play any position, except catcher. He could, well, he???d play, could do a good job any place you put him. But then he was a young kid, and he was good and he was a kind of a screwball.

FW: What do you mean?

Inf: He li-, well, he did things, I tell you, that, that puts a gray hair in the manager???s head, like uh, arguing with the fans, and somebody hit a fa-, ball right by him, an while he was arguing with a fan. So something like that. And uh, he???s, of course he was, he, he was about the best, uh, young ballplayer, he c-, that I ever saw, that come out, out of uh, out of college wi-. About the best I ever saw.

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