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The speaker is a 72-year-old White woman with a college education from Florence, Wisconsin; she was recorded in 1968.

County: Florence
State: WI

A small unincorporated community, Florence serves as the county seat for Florence County, which is a heavily forested area in northeastern Wisconsin. Mining and lumbering industries have been historically significant in this area., with tourism and vacation homes providing substantial economic support today. As is true in many small communities where annual holidays take on special importance, the Labor Day celebration in Florence has become a kind of home-coming event, as the following speaker describes.
Inf: Labor Day is a, the celebration in Florence. Uh, before Labor Day, the night before, they honor some important citizen or somebody that's done a lot for the town, an' they usually get a gift, and there's speeches, and then they have Miss Florence County chosen, and then they have a little boy an' girl that's, a little couple that's supposed to be real cute, and they're chosen, an', and then they have a street dance, probably some square dancing. That's on a Saturday night. Then Sunday they have a county fair up at school where there's exhibits and 4-H exhibits and farm products and fancy work, everything like that.

Then Monday is the big day. They have a big parade. I think this year they had more floats than ever before. Bands, as many bands as they can get. And they have uh, oh clowns, an' people riding in queer wagons, and every year they get out a 197- 17 fire truck. And it still goes. They can still drive it. And it really is quite funny to see-- I always want to laugh every time I see it. Then, um, children with dressed-up bicycles, and, people riding horses, and, the high school band is always the last band. We let the visitors do everything they want to. And then in the afternoon there is a water fight. And then there's small sports, and the band plays again on the street corners, and things like that.

Uh, a lot of people that live, used to live in Florence, that live near enough that they can get here, always come for Labor Day. It's uh, a kind of a homecoming time, too.

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