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The speaker is an 81-year-old White man with a grade school education from Delta, Colorado; he was recorded in 1967.

County: Delta
State: CO

The county seat of Delta County, Delta is located on the western side of the state and has a population around 9,000. It is the primary town in one of Colorado???s largest fruit-growing areas. In this segment the speaker talks about farming.
Inf: I just going to tell you when we moved out in the canyon [FW: Uh-huh] there was a big sagebrush park there. An??? my father took that up to make a ranch out there with, big pine sagebrush. They made a dip, made a dip a mile long (xx). You know? [FW: Uh-huh.] Well, got the dip done and then he had to grub the sagebrush off this land and put it in a little at a time. Well, he got hay in and then he had a, he, um, got a mowing machine, little Buckeye mowing machine.

FW: A Buckeye mowing machine?

Inf: Yeah, now I don???t suppose you ever seen any [FW: No]. Well, then the, th-, only about a, I believe about a four-foot cut on the nab and the thing on the bottom, on the back of it, it went around and around. You could hear that. And, uh, well that worked all right when he had the mower. But then he planted some oats. And we had to cut that with a cradle. I don???t suppose you know what a cradle is.

FW: Yes, sir, I do happen to know what a cradle is.

Inf: You do? Well, that???s good. I got so I could run it, after I got big enough, but for a long time he had to do the cradling. An???, an??? he put that oats up thataway and then we got, when we finished ???er, we put it in hay, you know.

FW: Mm-hmm. Did you do that all the time? Did you???

Inf: Yeah, not that, oh, every year or two, we???d put in ten, fifteen acres, you know, and plant the oats one year and then the hay the next year. And sometimes we???d have watermelons and sometimes potatoes and, you know, for that, you know? [FW: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.] Corn. Corn didn???t do too good that-, back then. It does good now, but it don???t do much good then, maybe.

FW: But the, but the gourd crops and the root crops, they do, they do well here?

Inf: Yeah, they do well [FW: Uh-huh]. But that uh, I, I run that cradle for three or four years, got to be quite a job. [Laughter] You know I wasn???t too big [FW: Uh-huh]. But it was quite a job, but we got ???er done.

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