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The speaker is a 50-year-old White man with a high school education from Harrisonville, Missouri; he was recorded in 1967.


County: Cass
State: MO

Harrisonville is a small city located in western Missouri on the Kansas border, about 40 miles southeast of Kansas City. The town has a strong antebellum history, with many of its original settlers coming by way of Tennessee, Kentucky, and Virginia. Because of its southern roots, the small town was known to sympathize during the Civil War with Confederate troops, who launched guerilla raids on Union troops. Eventually the town's growth slowed when the Union evacuated the town, burned buildings, and took all food from area farms. In this segment the speaker talks about his farm, and the need for more acreage to make a living.
Inf: Uh, well on this farm of ours, we only, we h-, it's just small acreage and so we have it in grass and uh, little bit of hay and uh, and might call it the cow-calf type of operation. And uh, farming's changed over, over the years as everything else does. Used to be years ago, forty acres wasn't too bad a sized farm. Fella could make a fair living on it. But uh, anymore with modern machinery and machinery increasing in size, it, you couldn't make a living on a farm without outside work and the farms have gotten bigger and the machinery's gotten bigger and uh, one man does a lot more work than he used to in a team.

FW: Mm-hmm. Uh, are there uh, quite a few people in uh, Harrisonville that uh, live in the city that have uh, acreage outside?

Inf: Uh, yes. The last few, few years there's quite a few of them moved out of the city and moved onto small acreage. Forty acres or even five and ten acres, where they just build a house and, and uh, have a truck patch or a garden

[FW: Mm-hmm].

Raise a pig and some chickens.

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