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The speaker is a 37-year-old White man with a college education from Dowagiac, Michigan; he was recorded in 1969.

County: Cass
State: MI

Dowagiac in southwestern Michigan is currently a city of around 6,000, which is supported by manufacturing and agriculture. Benton Harbor, mentioned in this excerpt, is on Lake Michigan. Both are close to Indiana and Illinois.
Inf: So, you run into uh, women, and, now this morning this gal had to have the car to be over to Benton Harbor which is about a twenty-five,

[FW: Yeah]

about a twenty minute drive.

[FW: Yeah].

And I got up at six o'clock and left about twenty minutes after six to go down and get the car filled up with gas. Maybe twenty-five minutes after six, to fill it up with gas this morning, this Oldsmobile,

[FW: Yeah]

that's a convertible that they furnish us.

FW: Oh, they're-

Inf: To haul the girls in.

FW: Whose uh, whose operation is this? Is this the Chamber of Commerce?

Inf: No, it's uh, Blossom time, from Benton Harbor, Saint Joseph. And uh,

[FW: Ah]

we have-, there's thirty-some cities

[FW: Yeah]

involved. And so, my wife had it last night, attending a function in Benton Harbor

[FW: Yeah.]

and got home after midnight.

[FW: Yeah.]

And it was about empty. It'd driven about three hundred and fifty miles yesterday, the car.

[FW: Yeah.]

So I said, "Well I'll get up early in the morning and run down and get it filled up with gas." Well the, the gal that uh, was supposed to drive today, come pulling in the yard. No car. Backed out, went home and started in, was in thorough panic.

[FW: (laughs).]

Because I had it down getting it gas.

FW: Yeah. Oh yeah, that's great.

Inf: And I was back in not more than seven or eight minutes, and at the most, and (laughing) during that time she'd pulled in and she'd called my house, gotten my tenant up which lives in the back in m-, in my house.

[FW: (laughs) Yeah.]

Uh, she got her up. And uh, called another lady that drove yesterday, and called this lady, all in that five minute time, wondering where the car was.

[FW: Yeah].

And all she'd had a' do was sit there about five minutes and she'd a' had the car in her lap, you know. Really funny. Panic.

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