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The speaker is an 87-year-old White woman with a grade school education from Hardin, Illinois; she was recorded in 1969.

County: Calhoun
State: IL

Calhoun County is a small, isolated county in western Illinois at the tip of the peninsula formed by the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers; it is surrounded by water on three sides. It used to produce a lot of apples. The county is sparsely populated with only five incorporated towns; Hardin, the county seat, less than fifty miles north of St. Louis on the Illinois River, is the largest, with a population today of about 1,000. This speaker relates in her lively manner an event on a trip to celebrate her birthday.
Inf: Anyway, I went, flew to Washington to celebrate my s-, eighty-seventh birthday, and uh, the girls or the stewardesses are always so friendly. I don't know, I always make a lot of friends and uh, people come to me and visit and I don't uh, you know uh, it's just unusual. I know there's other old people, but I don't see 'em bothering with 'em. So, she came back uh to me, when she told me, she said uh, "Well, you surely have preserved your youth." And I said, "Oh, that goes in one ear and out the other." And after while she came back and she said uh, "What is your last name?" And I said, "Anderson." I never thought anything about it. And over the intercom here the pilot said, "This is Captain Billings. We're flying at thirty-three thousand feet. Our speed is six hundred and twenty-five miles an hour. Our flight time to Washington is one hour and twenty-five minutes, and we did it in one hour and ten minutes." And he said, "We have, we have aboard today a very special person, Mrs. Anderson, who is flying to Washington to celebrate her eighty-seventh birthday. Happy Birthday, Mrs. Anderson." I almost went through the floor.

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