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The speaker is a 56-year-old White woman with a grade school education from Nashville, Indiana; she was recorded in 1968.

County: Brown
State: IN

Nashville is located in south central Indiana and is the county seat of Brown County. At the time of the interview, it had a population of around 500. The rural area, known for its beautiful scenery of rolling hills, is an attraction for tourists and artists. In this segment the speaker talks about the farm where she grew up, located near Belmont (a town 10 miles from Nashville; its population numbered about 25 at the time of the interview).
Inf: Well, the farm I was brought up on was uh, oh it was just a small farm and it was back about three miles from Belmont. And, well, Dad done had a grist mill. There at Belmont. And of course we done just general farm work. So it???s just taking care of the cows and the chickens and things like that.

FW: Dairy?

Inf: No, it wasn???t big enough farm for that. Uh, he just had a small farm. And he run this grist mill over at Belmont, Fridays and Saturdays. People all around would bring their, you know, their corn in for him to cr-, uh, grind into cornmeal. And that was the biggest part of his income, was that.

FW: You showed me a picture of the, of the house. Would you like to describe that?

Inf: Oh, that was my grandfather???s house [FW: Oh, yeah]. Well, it had, let???s see, one, two, thr-, it had three rooms. Had a ni-, a wonderful porch on it. It had puncheon floors in it. And uh, one of the nicest fireplaces that ever was built around here. And had one large room upstairs. And of course the children all slept upstairs. And, that just been all there was to that f-, house. Just a nice big old-fashioned kitchen and living room. That fireplace was so big that he???d bring in logs, oh, they was a good foot thick. And about six feet long. Stack one on top of the other until he had three high. Then he???d build his fire in front of it. Sure was fun sitting in front of that.

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