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The speaker is a 70-year-old Black woman with a grade school education from Columbia, Missouri; she was recorded in 1967.


County: Boone
State: MO

Located in Mid-Missouri between Kansas City and St. Louis, Columbia is a university town, home of the University of Missouri. Health care and insurance are also important to the economy. But in this segment, the speaker talks about growing up in a more rural area with much more limited educational possibilities.
Inf: Well it was just kinda poor 'cause we lived in a cabin. And we had, our kitchen had a dirt floor in it, and I think we had about maybe three rooms to this little cabin. And it was out in an apple orchard, that's where it was at

[FW: Uh-huh].

You know they used to have cabins out close to an apple orchard

[FW: Oh].

And the names of these people was Mr. _____. And he was a very old man. And they had a big apple orchard. They raised a big garden, such as watermelons and lots of popcorn, roasting ears, so they was real nice people. And my daddy rented that little house and we lived in it for several years. I guess I was about eighteen months old when we moved.

FW: Mm. And uh, um, where did you go to school? Tell me something about your s-

Inf: Well we were, we didn't go to school. I didn't start to school until I was about eight years old. Then we was living up, let's see, we moved, well we moved from nine, we moved up on the road, from Millersburg a piece, and we left from there and we went over on a little ten-acre farm. And we build, my daddy built a house over there. And that was, I went there when I was ab-, oh I'll say I was about four years old when we moved to there, that place where he built the house. And then when I was about eight years old, I started to school. 'Course we had a long ways to go to school. And our school then, we had to go to school over in Callaway, across Cedar Creek. But we didn't have too much for school. Our school would start in September and probably it would close Christmas

[FW: Mm-hmm].

That was as long as our school went on.

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