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The speaker is a 69-year-old White man with a grade school education from Medora, North Dakota; he was recorded in 1966.

County: Billings
State: nd

The speaker is a good representative of the area where he was born and raised, a ranching area in the Little Missouri River Badlands of western North Dakota. Medora, with its population of 100, is county seat of Billings County and today relies on tourism and ranching. Teddy Roosevelt loved this area and had two ranches in the area. The one the speaker mentions is now the Theodore Roosevelt National Park.
Inf: I'm an old, broken-down cowboy. I, I was born here at Medora, North Dakota, 1897. I've never left here for any length of time. My mother come here in '82 when the railroad come, and I would consider myself an old-timer. I uh, done quite a little cowboyin' in my life. In fact, it's all I've ever done, far as workin' on ranches, or workin' for myself, I, I never done any farmin' or any other operation, only ranchin', an', well more or less in a small way, but I done it ever since I was a little boy. And I was fairly capable on the range horseback up until one year ago. We live in a pretty good cattle country out here on the Little Missouri River in Roosevelt's territory -- Teddy Roosevelt's. I live three miles from his home-headquarter ranch, Maltese Cross Ranch. I seen Teddy Roosevelt twice in my life, but I was a green country kid, I stayed away from him, I thought he might bite me. Well, I never got rich in the ranchin' business, but then I liked it, been successful enough. I guess I got what money I need.

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