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The speaker is a 69-year-old White woman with a college education from Bayfield, Wisconsin; she was recorded in 1968.

County: Bayfield
State: WI

For the first half century of its existence, Bayfield was a small, extremely isolated community connected to the rest of the world by Lake Superior or by Indian trails. With the coming of the railroad in the 1880s, things changed: lumbermen recognized the opportunity to ship vast amounts of timber and took advantage of it. With the demise of the timber industry, Bayfield has relied on fishing, orchards, and tourism, with the nearby Apostle Islands a popular destination. Bayfield today has many part-time residents who own vacation homes there; the speaker is unusual in having been born and raised in the community.
Inf: Well, my father was uh born and raised in Bayfield. And, uh, in fact he was one of the first White children born here. And his sister was born in the old mission on Madeline Island. And their father was the um, what we now call the uh Indian agent over there. And of course, the old mission where she was born is torn down now. And uh, my father was in the grocery business for over fifty years. His father had had the business before him. And then, when my father passed on, it was handed down to my brother, and then to his son. And, um, course Bayfield had uh, was a busy little place in the early days with all the lumbering business here. And the um commercial fishing, which has practically petered out now because of state and federal regulations. And uh, course all the logging around here is practically gone with the exception of um logging for um, oh, s- for pulp. And uh, our family has lived here for all our lives. I was born and raised here, too. Grew up here. Married. Married a hometown boy.

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