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The speaker is a 60-year-old White woman with a college education from Munising, Michigan; she was recorded in 1966.

County: Alger
State: MI

Munising, in the north of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, is the western gateway to Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore on the south shore of Lake Superior. It is also just half a mile by water from Grand Island, with its extensive recreational opportunities. The speaker tells of her travel to Great Britain, quite a different environment than that of her home in the UP.
Inf: We left from uh, Metropolitan Airport on a non-stop flight to London. And the trip took about eleven and a half hours. We stopped in Shannon, Ireland, for about forty-five minutes. And it was, uh, very interesting to talk to the people that worked at the airport. Their, uh, their speech was sort of familiar to me because of my background of Irish ancestry. And uh, then we uh, while we were having uh, really breakfast, at uh 2:30 in the morning. And uh, when we arrived in, uh, London, it was 9:30 their time, but uh, still early in the day for us, so uh, just the uh procedure at the airport was something new, going through customs. And of course meeting the people, the friends of my sister-in-law's. And uh, when we uh arrived at their apartment, we had to go through downtown London, which was very interesting, and quite a shock to see cars on the left side of the street. And, well just everything, the uh, people on the streets. Then after we arrived at their, her mother's apartment, we had lunch and uh by that time I was really ready to go to bed for a couple of hours.

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