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The speaker is a 62-year-old man with a high school education from Bryan, Ohio; he was recorded in 1968.

County: Williams
State: OH

The city of Bryan sits in the northwest corner of Ohio, about 60 miles west of Toledo. It has a current population of about 8,500 and is the county seat of Williams County. Settled around 1840, Bryan???s early growth was due to the discovery of artesian wells that were thought to have medicinal value. At the time of the recording, Bryan had an economy based on trading and industry. In this segment the speaker talks about the cattle operation that he and his wife ran for many years.
FW: Uh, you have a particularly fine herd of cattle. Can you tell me about your cattle?

Inf: Yes, uh, we have been breeding, uh, Holstein cattle for approximately, uh, oh, Mother and I have been married for thirty-seven years and, uh, since we???ve been married, uh, we???ve been, uh, breeding purebred cattle. Uh, we maintain a herd, milking herd of about thirty cows with uh, oh, an equal number of uh, young replacement heifers, calves and heifers. Uh, we uh, breed artificial, uh, to some of the best bulls in the nation it???s possible to secure semen from. Uh, our uh, herd average has been running from about fourteen and a half thousand pounds of milk and about four hundred and fifty pounds of fat for a few years.

Uh, in 1966 we uh, uh, received quite an award as a progressive breeder, and uh, those of you who are Holstein breeders know what that encompass. It???s uh, you have to uh, do several things to attain it. Uh, one is uh, herd classification, which is done by a representative of the uh, Holstein Association of America. And uh, you have to have a, uh, um [Aux Inf: Accredited] uh, at least a hundred, a hundred and one points, now that???s uh, above average uh, breed average. If you???d say the average is a hundred, why, to be a progressive breeder, you have to attain a herd classification score of a hundred uh and one points. Uh, and another thing, we have to maintain uh, an accredited and uh, certified herd. Uh, accreditation and certification is done by the testing for brucellosis uh, each year and the testing for tuberculosis. And uh, we, we enjoy it. It???s a lot of, lot of work.

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