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The speaker is a 79-year-old White man with a grade school education from Comstock, Texas; he was recorded in 1967.

County: Val Verde
State: TX

Once known as Sotol City, Comstock is a small town with a current population of 400, about 200 miles west of San Antonio and ten miles east of the Mexican border. Cave drawings and artifacts such as beads, baskets, and bones provide evidence that nearby caves and rock shelters were occupied over 6,000 years ago. Today the area around Comstock is largely used for ranching cattle, sheep, and goats. In this segment the speaker talks about moving cattle and references names of several local ranches and ranch owners.
Inf: For instance, when we went to workin' cattle, we went down the river as far as we could with a wagon, which was about twelve miles below here. And uh, that???s where we est-, established there, first camp. And we???d stay there, oh, usually it???d take a week, a week to ten days there. We???d move on up to that old _____ place, and worked the rest of it.

If we were getting anything, well of course we always had a little herd because when, uh, the cow outfits worked, why, all the neighbors sent in a man or maybe two men. We???d prob???ly have, uh, we???d prob???ly have about, uh, five cowboys and a horse wrangler and a cook. And uh, _____ would send a man, and _____ would send a man, and _____ would send, lots of times _____ would send two men.

And uh, then we???d get on up the ranch here, we???d work another week, ten days. Take about, take anywhere from three to four weeks to work from that lower end. ???Course we had to work a whole lot, all of that country where, uh, where the _____ country is down there and over wh-, uh, th-they, what uh, _____ has got, that was fenced off. That was _____???s. And _____ had a fence in there that run???

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