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The speaker is a 76-year-old White man with a grade school education from Hilliard Flat, Wyoming; he was recorded in 1967.

County: Uinta
State: WY

Hilliard Flat was originally founded by English coal miners who were able to buy land for ranching after the passing of the Homestead Act. Many immigrants came to Uinta County to work in the coal mines north of Hilliard Flat in the towns of Evanston and Almy. In this segment the speaker talks about one of the worst mine explosions in Wyoming history; it occurred at the Red Canyon Mine on March 20, 1895, and killed over 60 workers. The speaker???s brother and father were working in the mine that day.
Inf: Sixty-five. There was sixty-five men killed and uh, we lived about, oh about half a mile from the mine, and some of the people lived further, you know. And they used to eh, the womenfolks used to go in their turns and bring the men home. They probably about four would ride in the buggy, you know [FW: Mm-hmm]. And eh, they???d go in their turns and bring them home.

And eh, eh, m-my brother who was working with Father in the mine, and, uh, he walked out, with five other boys. There was six of ???em walked out, and the rest of the men was waiting for the man trip to take ???em out, you know [FW: Mm-hmm]. And Mother was down at the store. And they th-, they had these horses and buggies tied to this rail there, you know. And they???d do shopping in the store.

FW: Was it a company store?

Inf: Yes, it was a U.P. company store. And it uh, man trip, as they call it, was going down. It was about halfway down, and uh, when it blew up. And it, uh, blew the man trip clear out over uh, about a quarter of a mile outside the mine, over in a field. This string of cars, the man trip, you know.

And there???s, all these people had teams, and they generally had a dog. And these dogs would fight and monkey around at the mine there, you know. And there???s two dogs fighting at the top of the mine. And there???s three men, they???s top hands, you know, was watching these dogs, and it blowed them over in the field, and dogs and all. And eh, oh, I don???t know, they-, I don???t know too much about it.

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