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The speaker is a 48-year-old White woman with a high school education from Laporte, Pennsylvania; she was recorded in 1968.

County: Sullivan
State: PA

Founded in 1847, Laporte was named for John Laporte, then surveyor general of Pennsylvania. Though its current population is under 500, the town is the county seat of Sullivan County. Set among the lakes and mountains of north central Pennsylvania, Laporte was once a lumber and tannery center. In this segment the speaker talks about collecting different types of bottles in various places.
Inf: Well actually I???ve, I???ve looked for bottles for years. I mean probably ten, fifteen years, if I was out in the woods, I???d watch for them. Or if I was picking berries, I found them in fields, you know [FW: Mm-hmm], small ones, little ones. And I thought I had some quite nice ones until I started reading books on them, you know, looking them up [FW: Hmm]. And then I saw what I had were, were not much at all. So, we started, we???d go out to old, abandoned dumps and dig them up [FW: Hmm]. And you go quite a ways. You dig, oh possibly, I imagine sometimes we???ve gone five or six feet to find them [FW: No kidding]. And you dig them, one place that we dug, there had been a dump and they had been covered with ashes, and then they put more on top of that and I mean you???d think you were at the bottom of the pile, and you???d keep digging and you still will come up with a bottle.

And Tommy, he likes to go just about as well as I do. He???s, we get, it???s quite a thrill to, you know to be digging in the earth and dig up something that [FW: I can imagine] was partially man-made. In fact, the ones that we really are looking for, the ones that are, you don???t very often find a hand-blown bottle, you know in the [FW: Mm-hmm], something like that. But you find them that are blown into molds and so forth that are considered a man-made bottle.

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