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The speaker is an 84-year-old White woman with a grade school education from St. Clair, Pennsylvania; she was recorded in 1970.

County: Schuylkill
State: PA

Settled in the early nineteenth century, St. Clair is a town in northeastern Pennsylvania. The area???s industry has long been based on a combination of coal mining, lumber, and manufacturing, following the discovery of a tract of iron ore in the 1830s. Perhaps due to the large amount of mining in her area of the state, the speaker is particularly worried about the consequences this industry might have on the earth.
Inf: Well, you know the planets draw an awful lot of-, and they put out a lot of cosmic energy [FW: Mm-hmm]. And that cosmic energy, that push, that terrible push on the earth, on the atmosphere, would naturally push the earth down. Now very, not that we could see it, understand [FW: Mm]. But it was noticeable at the time. And uh lots of people, well some of the scientists talked about it as almost uh, wondering whether we were gonna escape annihilation at that time. Oh, there was great talk about it.

FW: Do you, you remember this?

Inf: Yes, indeed, I do [FW: Uh-huh]. Yes, sir. But now the, it???s coming out all right and, uh, the one fear now we have in the world today is that in penetrating so deep into the earth for oil and uh, for metals of all kind, that they don???t penetrate the iron band that surrounds the inside of the earth. There???s an iron band, the scientists claim, surrounding the earth, that holds us together. And if they go too deep, they???re warning these comp-, the scientists are warning these men not to go, these um, oh what will I call them, men that are, that want to make more money out of, out of the earth. They???re warning them, don???t go too deep or too hard in that iron band, or we???ll crumble up. Well, isn???t it natural? Isn???t it natural? How many planets have crumbled and, and fallen that we don???t know anything about, but they have fallen. Look at the meteors. They???re off of planets [FW: Mm-hmm]. So, I???m wondering whether it???s worthwhile living much longer than this [Laughter].

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